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MGLP's Consolidated Facilities services optimize resources to reduce your costs.

From office buildings and maintenance shops to industrial facilities and lodges, our team of more than 600 qualified personnel delivers complete facilities maintenance and management services. Safely, efficiently, cost-effectively.

You'll appreciate our consistency. MGLP attracts and retains the best tradespeople in the industry, a local team that is as committed to the region as you are. Need proof? Our supervisors and managers have been with us for 15 years on average.

We’ve been operating in the oil sands since the beginning and know the plants, the mines, the pipelines and the buildings. Our in-depth knowledge significantly improves your asset lifecycle, trims your operating costs, and reduces your frequency of repairs.

Building operations

Oversight, operation and maintenance of all buildings

Building maintenance

HVAC, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing

Overhead cranes
and doors

Inspection, service, maintenance

Fire protection

Inspection, service, maintenance

Roads, grounds
and signage


“Clients call MGLP with a problem. We call back with a solution.”

Your results.

We use the latest tools and processes to optimize resources to reduce your costs. Our Efficiency Field Observations help us measure and manage work-team efficiency. And our Computerized Maintenance Management System tracks assets, schedules work and tracks progress. The result? Savings to your bottom line.

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